Bio farm located near Kazanlak, Tazha village, Bulgaria


In the bioferm are grown 8 species fruit trees - cherry, apple, pear, peach, plum, quince, apricot and cherry. They are situated on 500 hectares of land. The orchards are located in the foothills of the Stara Planina mountain, which provides the excellent taste of the fruits, raised in the gardens. The trees are healthy and their fruits are of the highest quality.

Cherry trees

Cherries have a very short growing season and can grow in most temperate latitudes. The peak season for cherries is in the summer. A cherry tree will take three to four years to produce its first crop of fruit, and seven years to attain full maturity.

Apple trees

The well known to all proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away.", addressing the health effects of the fruit, dates from 19th century. A typical apple serving contains significant dietary fiber, good quantities of vitamin-C - a powerful natural antioxidant and beta-carotene.

Pear trees

Pears are a good source of dietary fiber and a good source of vitamin C. They are less allergenic than many other fruits, and pear juice is therefore sometimes used as the first juice introduced to infants. Pears are consumed fresh, canned, as juice, and dried.

Peach trees

Peach trees need full sun, and a layout that allows good natural air flow to assist the thermal environment for the tree. Peaches are planted in early winter. Typical peach cultivars begin bearing fruit in their third year and have a lifespan of about 12 years.

Plum trees

Plum fruit tastes sweet and the skin may be particularly tart. It is juicy and can be eaten fresh or used in jam-making or other recipes. Plum juice can be fermented into plum wine. Dried plums (or prunes) are also sweet and juicy and contain several antioxidants.

Quince trees

Most varieties of quince are too hard, astringent and sour to eat raw unless bletted. High in pectin, they are used to make jam and jelly or they may be peeled, then roasted, baked or stewed. The quince contains Vitamin A, B, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and more nutrients.

Apricot trees

Seeds or kernels of the apricot may be substituted for almonds. Research shows, of any food, apricots possess the highest levels and widest variety of carotenoids. Carotenoids as antioxidants may help to prevent heart disease, reduce "bad cholesterol" levels, and protect against cancer.

Morello trees

Morello cherry blossoms and ripens quite early, bloom in April-May with numerous white flowers even before the leaves. Cherry fruit is widely used in confectionery and canning industry for the preparation of sauces, jellies, jams, liqueurs, sweets etc.

Annual plants

In gardening, annual often refers to a plant grown outdoors in the spring and summer and surviving just for one growing season. One seed-to-seed life cycle for an annual can occur in as little as a month in some species, though most last several months.

Among others, the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose is recognized as the finest rose in the world with the most effect to the health and beauty. Especially, Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose organically grown in the "Rose Valley" in Bulgaria. The best ways to experience the benefits of the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose is by using it on your body or hair (cosmetic products with content of Rose oil or Rose water) or by taking it like authentic 100% organic Bulgarian Rose Water.

The "Rose Valley" in Bulgaria has an unique place and the climate and soil and the perfect geographic characteristics which provide the best conditions for the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose and the Lavender angustifolia.

The fresh organic rose petals of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose are hand-picked from our rose fields in the morning while the dew is still on them. The lavender flowers also are hand picked, which is the best way to keep all the essential oils in it. We produce from them 100% Organic, pure & natural Bulgarian Rose Water, Lavender water, Rose oil and lavender oil with no additives, no chemicals, no artificial contains. All of our bio products, 100% pure & natural have a therapeutic benefits which makes them perfect raw material for aromatherapy, medicine and cosmetic industry.


This plant is grown mainly for the production of essential oil of lavender. This has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. These extracts are also used as fragrances for bath products. Lavender yields an essential oil with sweet overtones, and can be used in balms, salves, perfumes, cosmetics, and topical applications.


The flowers of rose are renowned for their fine fragrance, and are harvested for rose oil used in perfumery and to make rose water and "rose concrete". The flower petals are also sometimes used directly to flavor food or to make tea. Bulgaria produces about 70% of all rose oil in the world.


Globally, wheat is the leading source of vegetable protein in human food, having a higher protein content than soybeans or the other major cereals maize or rice. 100g of hard red winter wheat contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, iron (17% of the daily requirement).


Rye grows well in much poorer soils than those necessary for most cereal grains. Thus, it is an especially valuable crop in regions where the soil has sand or peat. Rye contains a higher proportion of soluble fiber. It is used to make alcoholic drinks, like rye whiskey and rye beer.


At our farm we produce and corn among other annual cereals bioferm. The production is used for hranichelniya market in Bulgaria and the European Union and for animal feed and sowing.


To grow best, sunflowers need full sun. They grow best in fertile, moist, well-drained soil with heavy mulch. Sunflower "whole seed" (fruit) are sold as a snack food, raw or after roasting in ovens, with or without salt.


These plants are best known for their ability to be made into an infusion which is commonly used to help with sleep and is often served with honey or lemon, or both. Chamomile is frequently added to skin cosmetics to serve as an emollient, and for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Livestock breeding


On our 750 acres of natural grassland, we currently grow over 450 sheep and cows. In the near future we plan to increase the size and number of grazing animals on our farm. Our animals live free in spacious pastures in good conditions and health.


We started our cattle ranch with 300 the number of ewes from the Bulgarian breed "Pleven Blackhead sheep." Sheep are raised in our rich natural pastures near the village Taja and eat well, the excellent yields of the farm.


Our bioferm has 150 cows. Cows are distinguished by the characteristic red color of the body. The cows has an excellent quality cattle for milk and meat. In the near future, we plan to increase prograsivno number of animals in our farm.