Bio farm located near Kazanlak, Tazha village, Bulgaria

About Bioform

Биоформ ЕООД e одобрена по проект мярка 4.1 "Инвестиции в земеделски стопанства" от мярка 4 "Инвестици в материални активи" от програмата за развитие на селските райони за периода 2014 - 2020г., за създаване на 305 дка трайни насъждения от маслодайна роза, съфинансирана от европейския земеделски фонд за развитие на селските райони.

Bio farm Bioform is located in the geographical center of Bulgaria

on 437 hectares of arable land

We grow ecologically clean crops in the very heart of the "Valley of Roses", in the vicinity of Tazha village, near Kazanlak. Bioform is a certified company producing its own raw material to final product which makes us competitive and firmly positioned on the local, European and global market. We combine both traditional methods and high technology systems for the best quality production which is highly appreciated by our clients.

“We provide the best of traditional organic farming, combined with high technological and certified methods meeting modern requirements.”

Director General and owner
Mr. Muhsin Ozturk

Bioform follows the principles of organic farming in the following ways:

  • Does not use synthetic chemical products and fertilizers
  • Improves soil fertility with composted manure, legumes and recycled organic waste
  • Applies a wide variety of species and cultivars which allows for flexible protection from diseases and insects and ensures alternative income
  • Uses natural pest enemies – ladybugs, chrysopidae, predatory mites
  • Uses traditional means such as Bordeaux mixture and essential odor, pruning
  • Observes EU policy of bio farming.

Crops in Bioform

  • 138ha
  • 135ha
  • 24ha
  • 30ha
  • 60ha
  • 100ha
    Annual plants

bioform chart pie

Livestock breeding

The natural 75-ha pasture allows the livestock amounting to 1020 sheep of the Lacaune breed to graze freely in the open and behave naturally. They are adapted to the local agro-climatic and environmental conditions and are taken good care of.